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Starkehaus Inspections is a family owned business that strives to provide Central Coast residents with professional home inspection services. We provide our customers the best inspections possible each and every day, while maintaining a professional attitude, clean worksite, and safe working conditions for both the customer and those performing the duties at the job site.

home inspection San Luis Obispo
San Luis Obispo home inspection
home inspection in San Luis Obispo

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Looking for a home inspector in the 805? We are a licensed and insured home inspection company in San Luis Obispo County serving the entire Central Coast. I see my main responsibility as, first, identifying which components of a structure are now, or may in the future, be an issue. And second, which, if any, of them have the potential to affect Occupant Safety, the Home’s Value, or even the wisdom of continuing with the purchase.

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Why Choose Us?
From our inception over a decade ago, our focus has been the customer first. One of the things that I think sets me apart is my personal experience. I have Inspected Homes after earthquakes, fires, floods, collisions and plane crashes. I also have lived since 1993 in a house constructed in 1893 with 6 additions and a new detached 2-story Garage that I designed and built with a Granny Unit in a Flood Zone on a Septic System. If it hasn’t happened to me personally during my ownership, I have seen it in Homes that I have inspected. I have a good grasp of what is or will be a problem and how best to address it. Ready for a free estimate? Call us today! 

Please say hello! We can't wait to help you inspect your home.

Proudly serving all of SLO County: Paso Robles, Atascadero, Templeton, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Los Osos and Cayucos

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Important Things to Remember About Home Inspections

The most common defects which are uncovered during a Home Inspection are often directly related to Deferred Maintenance. Very few Homeowners ever go on to the Roof. And if they do, they rarely are looking for current or future problems. There are numerous areas of a Roof which can cause very expensive problems that take time to become obvious but during that span can cause catastrophic damage that often requires removing perfectly suitable materials for repair access. how much does a home inspection cost

Vent Stacks & Flashing

Probably the most often overlooked issue is the seal around Vent Stacks and Flashing. A compromised seal in the area where the Vent passes through the Flashing can admit small amounts of Moisture which will affect the Roof Sheathing and possibly the Roof Structure without ever staining the ceiling. Included in this are also any other penetrations through the Roof System.

Roof Inspection

The Roof Covering, be it Composite Shingle, Concrete Tile, Metal, etc., is also at risk of deterioration and being the cause of serious damage over time. Roofs don’t last for ever. They are very expensive to repair properly. And, are even more expensive to replace, especially if ignored deterioration has lead to damage in other areas. One area where false economy has lead to costly problems is not installing Rain Gutters. There is a whole host of problems associated with this item. Fascia Boards will be directly subject to constant moisture, even when it is not raining, due to dew draining off the Roof. Collecting the Rain Water for discharge well away from the Structure will also help prevent damage to Siding, Concrete and Landscaping while helping to mitigate damage caused by Expansive Soils in the Footing Area.

Moisture Damage

In keeping with the Moisture Damage theme for a moment, not sealing joints in Siding and Trim can lead to disastrous Structural damage that is extremely difficult to detect until it is has caused serious problems. Sealing the Outside of the Structure is more than caulking joints. It also involves maintaining a Weather Barrier on the Exterior Surfaces which is typically done with paint. Not only does it make your Home look nice, it also helps it to last longer and keeps out critters! An additional cause of damage/deterioration can be projects undertaken by the Homeowner or unskilled tradesmen lacking the proper skills, knowledge or tools to complete the job. My Father, who was a Building Inspector, never did Electrical work on our House because, as he said, “No one’s House ever burned down because the plumbing leaked”. Truer words were never spoken.

Electrical Issues & Faulty Wiring

Electrical issues can almost always be traced back to poor execution, improper components and bad judgement. Just because something is sold at the Home Improvement Center doesn’t mean it can or should be used. And, having tools should not be an excuse to undertake a project which requires a Journeyman Tradesman. Knowing your limitations and calling in Professionals could save your life and your home. Need your home inspected? Give us a call!