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After working in Geotechnical Engineering and Testing as a Construction Inspector for many years with several firms, as well as for myself, I came to realize that I wanted to educate Buyers as an impartial Observer. 

Each Home Inspection in San Luis Obispo is different. Each Client has different expectations and concerns regarding the Home Purchase process. For many this is the first time they have bought property. For a majority it is also the single largest purchase they have ever made. And they are nervous, to say the least. They know they love the house. But, it needs “some work”.  

I see my main responsibility as, first, identifying which components of a structure are now, or may in the future, be an issue. And second, which, if any, of them have the potential to affect Occupant Safety, the Home’s Value, or even the wisdom of continuing with the purchase.

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Information is the Life Blood of a Real Estate transaction. It is up to the Home Owners, Buyers and Real Estate Agents to use that Information from a broad range of Professionals in several fields to make important decisions. 

Any Home has many positive aspects which are attractive to potential Buyers. Every Home, even, unfortunately, a Brand New Home, also has defects. They may be Cosmetic. They may become a bigger Issue with Time. They may even be so bad that the Buyer questions whether to continue the transaction. 

And this is where Information is Key. Judging how best to address Issues is up to all Parties based on the Information. This Information must be impartial. Just like Dragnet’s Sgt. Joe Friday said, “ Just the facts, ma’am.” 

A Home Inspector doesn’t care what color the dining room walls are. We are looking for obvious or potential problems that the Buyer NEEDS to know about.

One of the things that I think sets me apart is my personal experience. I have Inspected Homes after earthquakes, fires, floods, collisions and plane crashes. I also have lived since 1993 in a house constructed in 1893 with 6 additions and a new detached 2-story Garage that I designed and built with a Granny Unit in a Flood Zone on a Septic System. If it hasn’t happened to me personally during my ownership, I have seen it in Homes that I have inspected. I have a good grasp of what is or will be a problem and how best to address it.

HVAC System installed in 1983? Expect to replace it during your ownership. ½’ of gravel from the Asphalt Shingle Roof in the Rain Gutters? You’re probably looking at a new roof pretty soon. These and many, many other items of a Home System will be looked at and evaluated in the course of a comprehensive, thorough Home Inspection and then discussed with the Buyer immediately after the Inspection. In addition, my Inspection includes a Report with pictures of Major Systems and Items of Note which is typically available using a link the same day the Inspection is performed.

I have passed the National Home Inspectors Exam (NHIE), and carry both General Liability and Errors & Omission Insurance Policies.

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