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What is included in a home inspection?

Here at Starkehaus we typically conduct a visual inspection of the complete property that are readily accessible. That leaves out anything that’s not easily viewed (or even visible), like some types of pest infestation, as well as any areas that are hard to safely reach (think wells and chimney interiors). Although sometimes we venture in here if we need to. Home inspection services 93401

Parts of the home that are commonly included in a home inspection in San Luis Obispo

  • Structural components (floors, walls, ceilings, stairs).

  • Exterior components (siding, attached decks, porches).

  • Roof.

  • Plumbing.

  • Heating and air conditioning.

  • Major appliances.

  • Ventilation.

  • Insulation.

  • Fireplaces and wood stoves.

  • Windows and doors.

  • and much more!

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